Keratin Eyelash Lift Treatment

The Process:

Step 1: Silicon rods are placed at the lash line with adhesive.

Step 2: Lashes are individually curled and lifted from the roots and set to the rod to create the mould for the curl.

Step 3: Two solutions are applied to the lashes to set and hold the curl and lift.

Step 4: The Keratin bond solution is brushed onto the lashes to nourish and strengthen the lashes. The lashes may appear a little clumped after the treatment (it is just the Keratin solution nourishing your lashes!), but will fan out like normal lashes no longer than a day later – the best results are after 48 hours.

Why Not Add-on an Eyebrow wax or Eyebrow tint?

Duration: 45 minutes

The additional coating of keratin helps to seal and nourish the natural lashes and ensure that they remain healthy and strong throughout the post treatment cycle. I use silicon moulds to lift and curl your lashes to perfection. The treatment is an instant root lift for natural lashes and we guarantee the results will “freshen” your eyes so your eyes will appear more youthful. This treatment is perfect for clients who don’t like the high maintenance factor of eyelash-extensions. Lashes sit upwards towards the brow line and have a strong curvature with the length to match. Even incredibly short or stubbornly straight lashes can be lifted. Forget messy old perming rods and clunky eyelash curlers, this new treatment defines and curls lashes in one relaxing treatment.