Eyebrows play an important part of the facial balance.

They should be given special consideration as they frame the face and draw attention to your eyes. Many people choose cosmetic tattooing for their eyebrows because they have over tweezed, have gaps or scars, suffer from alopecia, have visual problems, or just want a defined eyebrow shape. After a topical numbing cream is applied Jade will analyse your bone structure, skin tone, and existing eyebrow hair, to design your eyebrow shape and choose the most flattering pigment colour for your eyebrows. Colour can be implanted to look like natural hair stroke or stronger for a more defined style.

Jade specialises in a combination technique for brows where she uses both the feathering technique and traditional tattoo to create a natural yet structured brow.

Brows TattooingDurationPrice
Consultation(Please note: fee is waived if you proceed with booking tattoo appointment)20 minutes$100
Combo Feather Touch & Ombre2 hours 30 minutes$850
Ombre or Powder2 hours$550
Diamond Blading Feather Touch2 hours$650
3D/6D Brows3 hours$800
Refresh Brows Tattooing after 12 – 18 months without re-shape1 hour 30 minutes$400