Enhancing your lash line

Enhancing your lash line with cosmetic tattoo implants allows you to look your best day and night without all the fuss and provides the perfect guideline for applying commercial makeup. Looking good first thing in the morning is a major benefit and there is no more smudging. A large range of fashion colours are available or you can choose a more traditional colour like brown, black-brown or black. Once your colour is chosen and the design is discussed, a topical aesthetic (which is the same pH level as tears, so it is very safe for the eyes) is applied. The design is drawn with a brush and once approved, treatment begins.

Price list

Eyeliner TattooingDurationPrice
Consultation(Please note: fee is waived if you proceed with booking tattoo appointment)20 minutes$100
Top Eyeliner with Tail2 hrs 30 minutes$650
Top Water Eyeliner/Invisible Eyeliner1 hr$450
Bottom Eyeliner45 minutes$300
Add the Bottom Liner on any Tattoo Treatment45 minutes$200
Top/Bottom Refresh – After 12-18 months1 hr$350