Cosmetic Tattooing Contra-Indications

OILY SKIN: Sometimes Oilier skin types don’t hold pigment as well as others. You can still have this service but need to be aware your skin may be a bit more stubborn in holding the pigment.


FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS: Can result in fading

DIABETES: Sometimes have trouble with healing

KELOID SCARRING: It is not advisable

MEDICATION: Please check with me first as many types of medication can thin the blood, if you bleed a lot during your procedure you may not get the best results., Please also stop vitamins 48 hrs prior to treatment.

LITHIUM: Cosmetic tattooing has been shown not to hold well with those taking this medication.


ALLERGIES: to Lignocaine/Tetracaine.- These ingredients are found in the numbing

HEART PROBLEMS: Please get Doctors approval.

FLU OR COLD: Please contact me immediately if you are unwell.

CANCER/ CHEMO: Doctor’s clearance is necessary.

PREGNANT OR BREAST FEEDING MUMS: Cosmetic Tattooing is not advisable.

SHINGLES: (varicella): If you have shingles on your face, wait several months to get this service.

BOTOX:  You are best to have your tattooing first or wait until Botox has settled.

CANCER/ CHEMO: Doctor’s clearance is necessary

ACNE MEDICATION: Please chat to me about this before booking an appointment.

PREVIOUS TATTOOING:  If you have previous tattooing you must inform me at time of booking and send me a current photo of your eyebrows, with details of how many times you’v3r3e had them done and when the last procedure was. Whether or not I can look after you will depend on what you currently have left in your skin.

ALCOHOL: You cannot have any alcohol 48 hours prior to your procedure

RUDDY SKIN TYPES: Sometimes these people can have more trouble with pigment holding and going too cool in the skin. However please discuss with me further

FAKE TAN: Please do not apply it to your face before the treatment.