Eyebrow Extension

An eyebrow extension is a full brow sculpting experience which includes two techniques; brow extensions and brow filling (using a brow paint). Brow extensions are just like lash extensions, applying fine and natural-looking synthetic hairs to both the skin and existing hairs – great for hair loss, scars and noticeable gaps in hair growth. The brow paint is like a waterproof and smudge-proof makeup, perfect for filling gaps and creating a fuller and more defined shape, and is applied in small fine lines to create realistic, full brows. One or both techniques can be applied to brows, depending on your needs.

What are eyebrow extensions?

Eyebrow extensions are created with tiny fibres of mink or synthetic hairs. Individual hairs are glued to existing brow hairs and directly to the skin around the brows using a surgical adhesive.

How long do eyebrow extensions last for? 

Eyebrow extensions will typically last up to two weeks, after which you’ll need to head back to the salon for fill-ins.

1/4 in-Fill

Approx. 60 hairs applied – 60 Mins

Perfect for those with fairly good brows but want to create a more defined shape on the inner corners, outer edges, or just to fill small gaps.

1/2 in-Fill

Approx. 60 hairs applied – 75 Mins

This option is great for slightly thinner brows wanting to add more volume and define inner & outer edges.

Full Sculpt

Approx. 100+ hairs applied – 90 Mins

The Full Sculpt utilises both extensions and waterproof brow paint to completely makeover your brows! If you have very thin brows, very patchy brows or hair loss, this is the treatment for you.  INCLUDES a Brow Wax & Tint.